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Biological Control in Ornamental Plant Production Symposium
January 18, 2012 San Marcos CA (includes presentations)
attendance 69

Insect ID, Scouting, Spray Evaluation, and Resistance Management
May 24, 2012 Monrovia Nursery, Woodlake CA (includes presentations)
attendance 69

Effective Use of Pesticides to Produce Ornamental Plants While Protecting Water Quality
(1/2 day English, 1/2 day Spanish)
June 5, 2012 Ventura
attendance 40 English + 15 Spanish = 55 total

Risk Management Workshop for Nursery and Greenhouse Managers (Long Beach)
June 12, 2012 Long Beach
attendance 11

Risk Management Workshop for Nursery and Greenhouse Managers (Watsonville)
June 26, 2012 Watsonville
attendance 11

ABCs of Horticulture (English Session)
July 25, 2012 San Marcos CfAHR
attendance 22

ABCs de la Horticultura (Sesión en Español)
July 26, 2012 San Marcos CfAHR
attendance 25

Nursery and Greenhouse Runoff Treatment Workshop
August 21, 2012 UC Davis
attendance 55

Farm Water Quality Planning and Evaluation of Management Practices
September 5, 2012 Carpinteria
attendance 50

Erosion and Pesticide Runoff Management in Nurseries
September 27, 2012 Watsonville
attendance 31

Nursery/Floriculture Disease Management Symposium
October 25, 2012 Watsonville
attendance 96


From the UC Blogosphere...

Saving seeds from your garden and sharing them in a seed library works with open-pollinated plants. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) UC Master Gardener program nurturing public seed libraries
Posted 5/24/2017 - Seed libraries are sprouting in California, including a new one in San Bernardino created with the support of UC Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners, reported Suzanne Sproul in the San Bernardino Sun. The story was picked up by the Los...

Reappointment Box VMS Reappointment Process Begins June 1
Posted 5/23/2017 - It's reappointment time for the UC Master Gardener Program! Before the reappointment process begins we would like to say thank you. Our dedicated volunteers are the heart of the UC Master Gardener Program and we couldn't make such an incredible impact in...

Three Cornered Leek Please Identify this Backyard Allium (Onion or Leek or ?)
Posted 5/22/2017 - Help for the Home Gardener from the Help Desk of theUC Master Gardener Program of Contra Costa County Client:  I need help identifying the alliums in my backyard garden. These alliums have been growing in the backyard for 20+ years on their...

ParasiticWaspPhoto Parasitic Wasps
Posted 5/18/2017 -     Parasitic Wasps By Polly Nelson   UCCE Master Gardener   What are parasitic wasps? Sally S.   San Luis Obispo   If parasitic wasps seem creepy, their beneficial contributions will convince you to welcome...

Overhead irrigation is one of the promising techniques being used in conservation agriculture systems. The drought may be over, but water concerns haven't been doused
Posted 5/18/2017 - Record winter rainfall during the 2016-17 winter has enabled farms to emerge from survival mode in the short term, but scientists are still working hard to be ready for the next drought, reported Tim Hearden in Capital Press. Hearden spent a day at...

Black Spots on Blueberries Blueberry problem?
Posted 5/15/2017 - Advice for the Home Gardener from the Help Desk of theUC Master Gardener Program of Contra Costa County Client:  I'm finding black spots on my several year old blueberry plants. Do you know what they are, are they harmful, and what should I should...

Green Roof Watershed Gardening
Posted 5/12/2017 -     Watershed Garden Workshop  By Leonard Cicerello   UCCE Master Gardener   What are the benefits of watershed landscaping? Robert, San Luis Obispo The premise of watershed landscaping focuses on...

MarketPlace 2017 Fundraising made easy at the UC Master Gardener Conference
Posted 5/11/2017 - There is still time to be part of the action! Featuring breathtaking views of the Long Beach waterfront and additional floor space the 2017 UC Master Gardener Conference MarketPlace is a fun and profitable way for counties to raise funds for their...

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