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Biological Control in Ornamental Plant Production Symposium
January 18, 2012 San Marcos CA (includes presentations)
attendance 69

Insect ID, Scouting, Spray Evaluation, and Resistance Management
May 24, 2012 Monrovia Nursery, Woodlake CA (includes presentations)
attendance 69

Effective Use of Pesticides to Produce Ornamental Plants While Protecting Water Quality
(1/2 day English, 1/2 day Spanish)
June 5, 2012 Ventura
attendance 40 English + 15 Spanish = 55 total

Risk Management Workshop for Nursery and Greenhouse Managers (Long Beach)
June 12, 2012 Long Beach
attendance 11

Risk Management Workshop for Nursery and Greenhouse Managers (Watsonville)
June 26, 2012 Watsonville
attendance 11

ABCs of Horticulture (English Session)
July 25, 2012 San Marcos CfAHR
attendance 22

ABCs de la Horticultura (Sesión en Español)
July 26, 2012 San Marcos CfAHR
attendance 25

Nursery and Greenhouse Runoff Treatment Workshop
August 21, 2012 UC Davis
attendance 55

Farm Water Quality Planning and Evaluation of Management Practices
September 5, 2012 Carpinteria
attendance 50

Erosion and Pesticide Runoff Management in Nurseries
September 27, 2012 Watsonville
attendance 31

Nursery/Floriculture Disease Management Symposium
October 25, 2012 Watsonville
attendance 96


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tomato cage materials and tools Caging Your Tomatoes?
Posted 4/23/2018 - Advice for the Home Gardener from the Help Desk of the UC Master Gardener Program of Contra Costa County Client's Request: Do you have recommendations on tomato cages? I bought the heavier gauge tapered cylinder ones at the “big box store”....

The mural includes a small rendering of Steve Orloff. He is shown wearing a cowboy hat and holding a clipboard. Mural honoring late UCCE advisor Steve Orloff approved by board of supervisors
Posted 4/20/2018 - The Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors has approved an artist's rendering of a mural that honors UC Cooperative Extension advisor and county director Steve Orloff, who passed away in late 2017, reported Danielle Jester in the Siskiyou Daily...

Apollo 8 astronauts captured a picture of the earthrise over the moon in 1968. Take part. Learn. Act. Earth Day is Sunday, April 22
Posted 4/20/2018 - Earth Day has roots in California, stemming in part from an oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara in 1969, wrote Rose Hayden Smith in a UC Food Observer post marking the 48th annual Earth Day this Sunday, April 22. "The Santa Barbara oil...

Insectary plants Home is where the habitat is: This Earth Day, consider installing insectary plants
Posted 4/19/2018 - Help the environment this Earth Day, which falls on Sunday April 22 this year, by installing insectary plants! These plants attract natural enemies such as lady beetles, lacewings, and parasitic wasps. Natural enemies provide biological pest control and...

Soil (2) Soils
Posted 4/16/2018 -     Soil Workshop By Linda Lewis Griffith   UCCE Master Gardener   Soil is vital to the success of any garden. So it's worthwhile to understand the key factors that impact its productivity: Texture is the relative...

UC ANR's Elkus Ranch welcomes about 9,000 kids each year for a hands-on, outdoor learning experience. UC ANR's Elkus Ranch is an outdoor classroom for local youth
Posted 4/16/2018 - Each year, about 9,000 kids visit the UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Elkus Ranch in Half Moon Bay for hands-on educational experiences in urban horticulture, nutrition, food safety, pest management, livestock management and food preservation,...

Japanese Maple (Acer spp) w/ Help!! My Japanese Maple is Dying Back!!
Posted 4/16/2018 - Advice for the Home Gardener from the Help Desk of the UC Master Gardener Program of Contra Costa County  Client's Request:  My 20 year old Japanese maple (Acer spp) did not return this year. I need help identifying what the problem is and how...

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