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California Nursery Conference & Grower Tour


2018 California Nursery Conference & Grower Tour

June 19-20, 2018

Elks Lodge
121 Martinelli St,
Watsonville, CA. 95076 





Closed-Loop Irrigation: Benefits & Risks



Salt Management in Recycled Water Affects Perennial Ornamental Species

Considerations on the Quality and Management of Alternative Irrigation Water Sources


Consumer Perceptions of Recycled and Remediated Water

Rosa Raudales, Univ Connecticut



Lloyd Nackley, Oregon State Univ 



Raul Cabrera, Rutgers Univ



Bridget Behe, Michigan State Univ



Session II 

“Nitrogen Stabilizers: What Are They And What Can They Do For Nursery Production?”

An In-Depth Look at Controlled Release Fertilizers with an Emphasis on Phosphorus


Regulating Rhizosphere pH in Container Production



Bert Cregg, Michigan State Univ



Jim Owen, Virgina Tech



Don Merhaut, Univ California, Riverside

Season III


Examining the Footprint of your Production System Components



Using Sensors for Better Irrigation Management Decisions and more.


Dewayne Ingram, Univ Kentucky




 John Lea-Cox, Univ Maryland




Session IV 

Does Irrigating with High pH, Low Alkalinity Pond Water Affect Plant Growth?

Interpret Your Water Quality Test Report 

Polyacrylamide as a Potting Mix Amendment Improves Water Quality in Runoff


 Anthony LeBude, North Carolina State Univ



Paul Fisher, Univ Florida



Steve Tjosvold, UCCE 




  Session V 

Clean Water with Plants and Wood Chips


Water and Pesticide Movement in Container Production as Affected by Irrigation Practices

“Retooling: Adding Some More Tools To Your Water Management Toolbox”


Sarah White, Clemson Univ



Tom Fernandez, Michigan State Univ



John Majsztrik Clemson Univ



Wednesday June 2oth Grower Tour Program Assembly Location: Pajaro Valley High School 500 Harkins Slough Road Watsonville, California 95076-9453

Early registration is strongly encouraged early because seating is limited on both days and registration fees increase on June 1st


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