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2016 California Nursery Conference

2016 CNC Agenda/Presentations

2016 California Nursery Conference

October 25, 2016

Elks Lodge, Watsonville
121 Martinelli Street
Watsonville, CA. 95076 





Loren Oki, Dept. Plant Sciences, UC Davis

John Kabashima, UCCE Orange County


Water Management



Moderator: Loren Oki


Slow sand filters remove Phytophthora and TMV from captured runoff


Biological water treatment systems

Agricultural & nursery pesticides and surface water quality

Loren Oki, Plant Sciences, UC Davis


Sarah White, Clemson University

Kean Goh, CA. Dept. of Pesticide Regulation


Pest Control



Moderator: John Kabashima



Invasive tree boring beetles


Piercing sucking insects and their control


Invasive insects in Californina- an update


John Kabashima, UCCE Orange County


Jim Bethke, UCCE San Diego

Matthew Daughtry, UCR/UCB

Weeds and Diseases


Moderator: Loren Oki


Latest weed management trial results

Container sanitizing with solarization

Phytophthora in native nurseries and management

Cheryl Wilen, UCCE Orange/San Diego

Karen Suslow, NORS DUC

Laura Sims, UCB


Training and Laws and Regulations



Online ABC's workshop videos

REI and closed mixing systems

Dave Fujino, CCUH, UCNFA, UC Davis

Walter Mayeda, Agricultural Inspector Santa Cruz Co.






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