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Water Management

By: Bruno J. L. Pitton, Lorence R. Oki, Darren L. Haver, and Grant E. Johnson

Is there potential for interruption in your water supply that will delay or reduce crop production? Is your water supply becoming more expensive? Are regulations on the water discharged from your operation becoming more difficult to meet? Or do you see water as a precious resource leaving your operation, and would like to capture it for reuse?

Altman Specialty Plants was concerned about interruption in the supply and the increasing cost of the municipal water they relied on, so an irrigation runoff capturing system was built to address these concerns. 

-Original Publisher: American Nurseryman.

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  • Irrigation Uniformity Worksheet (Excel file will download)
    Having an efficient irrigation system is key to managing water resources under drought conditions. Click on the link above to download this Excel worksheet developed by Loren Oki and Darren Haver of UC Cooperative Extension. This worksheet will calculate the distribution uniformity of an irrigation system when measurements of the water volume captured in catch cans is entered.
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