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Nursery Risk Management Webinar August 25, 2010

Nursery Risk Management Webinar
August 25, 2010 (revised date)
10:00 am – 12:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Risks that regularly affect California nursery and floriculture producers include flooding, fire, freezing temperatures, introduction of exotic pests and diseases, and capricious changes in market demand. In this workshop, presented by Trent Teegerstrom and Ursula Schuch of the University of Arizona, educational material about crop insurance and financial and business planning will be presented, including the nursery cost/profit estimator to encourage producers to get a better estimate of the actual cost of production for individual products.

Knowledge of actual production costs and feasible marketing prices are critical to making sound financial decisions. Information from this tool will help develop a baseline for benchmark standards for California nursery and floriculture products. Over time, producers will have access to information that will not only assist them in analyzing their own financial and operational success but their competitiveness based on regional benchmark standards. Education on how producers can secure their inventory, their labor force, and their infrastructure can be an important cornerstone of preventative risk management.

This webinar is a follow-up to the workshop held in June and is an opportunity to reconnect with Drs. Teegerstrom and Schuch about risk management issues and using the nursery cost/profit estimator program. In addition, Dr. Stuart Nakamoto, also one of the program's authors, will share his expertise on these topics. If you registered for the June 2010 workshop, this webinar is free. Notify Linda Dodge (lldodge@ucdavis.edu) if you would like to attend so you can receive the Internet log on instructions.

Presenters: Trent Teegerstrom and Ursula Schuch of the University of Arizona, Stuart Nakamoto of the University of Hawaii


  • Nursery business benchmarks
  • Tools for estimating cost/profit in your nursery
  • Producing nursery crops with reclaimed water
  • Nursery insurance programs for California

First-time participants will receive a copy of the nursery cost/profit estimator spreadsheet program prior to the webinar and are encouraged to share production cost examples from their operations. Instructions for logging on to the webinar site will be sent upon receipt of registration.

Continuing Education Units approved: CCA (2 units of professional development), Central Coast Water Board Ag Waiver Program (2)

Registration fee: $45 per person

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