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2011 Programs/Presentations


Risk Management Workshop for Greenhouse and Nursery Managers
May 10, 2011 Carpinteria
attendance 33

Photovoltaic Applications in Horticulture and Agriculture
May 16, 2011 UC Davis
attendance 28

Photovoltaic Applications in Horticulture and Agriculture
May 20, 2011 Vista/San Marcos

Photovoltaic Applications in Horticulture and Agriculture
May 27, 2011 Salinas

ABCs of Fertilizer and Irrigation Management in Spanish
June 23, 2011 Azusa

Photos from the ABCs of Fertilizer Management

Pest Monitoring in Ornamental Plant Production (in English and Spanish)
July 5, 2011 San Marcos
attendance 27

Scouting and Spray Evaluation Workshop
August 23, 2011 Watsonville
attendance 40

Erosion and Pesticide Runoff Management in Nurseries
September 13, 2011 Ventura
Attendance 68

California Nursery Conference
October 6, 2011 Etiwanda (Rancho Cucamonga)
attendance 89

Effective Use of Pesticides in Ornamental Plant Production
(English and Spanish)
October 18, 2011 San Marcos
attendance 26



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Many urban residents grow much of their own food in backyard or community gardens out of necessity and/or as a hobby. However, any place subjected to human activity is likely to have potentially harmful trace elements at elevated levels in the environment, particularly in the soil. Trace elements, especially heavy metals, can accumulate in the soil and on plants, and may pose a potential health risk to people who breathe or, especially, swallow contaminated soil or eat contaminated vegetables, especially young children.

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