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Erosion and Pesticide Runoff Management in Nurseries


Cooperative Extension Ventura County
669 County Square Drive, #100
Ventura, CA 93003-5401
(805) 645-1451

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Erosion and Pesticide Runoff Management in Nurseries
Cooperative Extension Ventura County
669 County Square Drive, #100
Ventura, CA 93003-5401
September 13, 2011
7:30 am – 12:00 pm

Moderator: Julie Newman, UC Cooperative Extension, Ventura County

Continuing Education Units applied for: CCA (4), DPR (2.5), Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board Ag Waiver Program (4), Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board Ag Waiver Program (4)


Time Speaker Title Topics
7:30-8:00am Registration
8:00-8:15am Julie Newman, UCCE Ventura Welcome, Introduction Pesticides, Sediment, and Water Quality Issues/Regulations
8:15-8:50am Valerie Mellano, UCCE San Diego Protecting Roads, Hillsides, and Bare Soil from Wind and Soil Erosion San Diego Resources, Terracing, Fiber Materials, Mulch, Plant Covers, Road Erosion Management, Windbreaks
8:50-9:15am Julie Newman Reducing Pesticide Loads How Pesticides Move; BMPs to Reduce Pesticide Loads
9:15-9:35am Karen Robb, Target Specialty Products Know Your Pathogen to Reduce Unnecessary or Ineffective Pesticide Applications: Test Kit Demonstration Demonstration of Test Kits for Pathogen Diagnosis
9:35-9:50am Karen Robb Break: Check out Test Kits Demo Hands-on: Growers can try test kits
9:50-10:25am Darren Haver, South Coast Research & Extension Center, UCCE Orange County Use of Ponds/Basins for Capturing Sediment and Runoff


Treating Runoff: Using Cannas as a Biofilter in a Commercial Nursery
Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Sediment, Detention, and Retention Basins


UC Research Project Demonstrating Effectiveness of a Nursery Bioswale


10:25-10:45am Don Merhaut & Lea Corkidi, UC Riverside Treating Runoff: Using California Native Plants as Biofilters UC Research Project on the Use of Nursery Biofilters
10:45-11:20am Loren Oki, UC Davis Treating Runoff: Constructed Wetlands and Slow Sand Filtration Basics and Research Projects
11:25am-12:00pm Don Merhaut Treating Runoff: Chemical Control of Pathogens in Recycling Systems Chemical Control of Pathogens as a Means of Reducing Fungicide Use

Funding for this meeting has been provided in part through an agreement with the State Water Resources Control Board and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the Federal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program (Clean Water Act Section 319).

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