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Nitrogen Wkshp 3

This is an opportunity for Regional Water Quality Control Board representatives, third party groups and coalitions representatives, UC academics and nursery growers to discuss goals and challenges of the “East San Joaquin order” regulations for nurseries and floriculture.

Cost: Free, but you must register!


FREE UCNFA-led Technical Irrigation Training


The University of California Nursery and Floriculture Alliance is offering a FREE one-day training course in irrigation best management practices (BMP) for employees who manage irrigation! Our comprehensive training is offered in either English or Spanish and is geared towards improving irrigation efficiency, reducing water consumption, and ultimately improving plant health

Location: We come to you! 
Cost: Free!

For more information, email: issimons@ucdavis.edu


New ABC's videos!
Nuevo videos de ABC-s!

New Videos from the ABC's of Plant Pathology in Greenhouse and Nursery series of online workshops are now on YouTube.
Nuevo videos de ABC-s de Fitopatología en Viveros e Invernaderos serie de webinarios está en YouTube.
New Videos from the ABC's of Pests in the Nursery  & Greenhouse series of online workshops are now on YouTube.
Nuevo videos de ABC-s de Plagas de Viveros e Invernaderos serie de webinarios está en YouTube.

Disease diagnostics program for growers

Collage diseases final

The Greenhouse and Nursery Pathology Lab at UC Davis lead by Johanna Del Castillo, is continuing the diagnostics service for ornamental plants at no cost for growers.  

To send samples, follow the guidelines for sample submission and complete the plant disease form.

Támbien ofrecemos el servicio de diganóstico en español

Samples can be delivered to:

Johanna Del Castillo
Hutchison Hall, room 252
University of California, Davis 95818

Fertilizers and Plant Nutrition in
Nursery Production Education Program

Fertilizer use in nurseries and plant nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium nutrition videos in English and Spanish


Presented by
Dr. Don Merhaut, University of California, Riverside
Dr. Maria de la Fuente, University of California Cooperative Extension, Monterey County


UCNFA Flower

UCNFA Blog: Nursery and Flower Grower 

Covers Subjects about Horticulture and Pest Management for the Grower and Associated Industries 

Blog: http://ucanr.edu/blogs/NurseryFlower/

Subscribe: http://ucanr.edu/blogs/blogcore/subscribe.cfm


Online Tool for Best Management Practices


for Multiple Pests in California Nursery and Floriculture Operations

This online tool allows growers/shippers to create a set of BMPs unique to their nursery based on county locations and the pests/pathogens under quarantine or of concern in those counties. 

Access Form



Nitrogen Reporting Regulations for Nurseries and Floriculture 
Roundtable Discussion

Online Workshop
November 15, 2023  10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Western Region International Plant Propagators' Society
Annual Conference
January 23-26, 2024
Temecula, CA

More information and registration

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