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Serving the educational needs of the various agricultural production industries in California that produce greenhouse ornamental crops and outdoor nursery products.

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Ask the Advisor:
Water & Irrigation Management


Join us for a panel Q&A session focusing on challenges and problem solving issues related to water and irrigation management for commercial greenhouse and nursery growers. Bring your own questions or join the webinar to hear how fellow growers are responding to issues in their operations. There's no cost to attend but registration is required to receive the zoom link.
Darren L. Haver, PhD
Water Resources Advisor,
Director of UCCE Orange & South Coast REC,
Assistant Vice Provost of REC System
Gerardo Spinelli, PhD
Production Horticulture Advisor for Nurseries, Floriculture, and Controlled Environment Agriculture
UCCE San Diego
Loren Oki, PhD
CE Specialist, Environmental Horticulture
Co-Director, UC Nursery & Floriculture Alliance
UC Davis
Date: 9/8/2021 10-11 am

Disease diagnostics program for growers

Collage diseases final

The Greenhouse and Nursery Pathology Lab at UC Davis lead by Johanna Del Castillo, is continuing the diagnostics service for ornamental plants at no cost for growers.  

To send samples, follow the guidelines for sample submission and complete the plant disease form.

Támbien ofrecemos el servicio de diganóstico en español

Samples can be delivered to:

Johanna Del Castillo
Hutchison Hall, room 252
University of California, Davis 95818

Open Position Announcement

AmericanHort is hiring a Science, Research, and Regulatory Programs Director. The position will lead research and development programs, and participate in regulatory advocacy. AmericanHort is a national organization representing the horticulture industry. The AmericanHort Foundation ecompasses the Horticulture Research Institute which supports horticulture research and education.

For more information review the position description

To inquire about the position contact Jennifer Gray or Craig Regelbrugge

Fertilizers and Plant Nutrition in
Nursery Production Education Program

Fertilizer use in nurseries and plant nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium nutrition videos in English and Spanish

Presented by
Dr. Don Merhaut, University of California, Riverside
Dr. Maria de la Fuente, University of California Cooperative Extension, Monterey County



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UC Landscape Plant Irrigation Trials™


The Open House Ratings have been converted to an online version due to COVID-19.  

Stay tuned for the Fall events! 

More information on this project  

The website for the UC Landscape Plant Irrigation Trials is now up and running.  The site provides all of the background, methods, and results of the plant evaluations.

Visit the website at: http://ucanr.edu/uclpit  


UCNFA Flower

UCNFA Blog: Nursery and Flower Grower 

Covers Subjects about Horticulture and Pest Management for the Grower and Associated Industries 

Blog: http://ucanr.edu/blogs/NurseryFlower/

Subscribe: http://ucanr.edu/blogs/blogcore/subscribe.cfm


Online Tool for Best Management Practices


for Multiple Pests in California Nursery and Floriculture Operations

This online tool allows growers/shippers to create a set of BMPs unique to their nursery based on county locations and the pests/pathogens under quarantine or of concern in those counties. 

Access Form



Ask the Advisor: Water & Irrigation Management
September 8, 2021

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Last Edition   (Volume 22, Issue 2) 

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